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    Welcome to Fly Right Gifts!

  • natural bath and body products
  • locally handmade gifts
  • organic dog and cat treats
  • natural home cleaning supplies
  • candles
  • organic candy (mmmm. . .candy)
  • water bottles that don't look stupid
  • recycled glass products
  • reusable totes
  • household linens that are cute AND functional
  • handmade jewelry
  • unusual accessories
  • vintage inspired aprons (handmade from vintage fabric)
  • baby supplies (babies not included)
  • products to keep you from throwing away other products
  • cards for most occasions
  • educational toys
  • recyclable home and office paper products
  • yummy natural and organic foodstuffs
  • decorative home items

And lots more--all with a "green" tint

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